Sand Canyon Resort

Promises to the community must be kept. Here are Our Concerns with the Sand Canyon Resort Hotel:

Open Space:

The City promised open space in perpetuity when they approved the Robinson Ranch Golf Course in 1996.

Final Condition 83  of the 1996 approval says “The applicant [meaning, the developer] shall record golf course/open space easements on all golf course/open space lots, restricting their use to those activities, prior to recordation of the first residential lot.”  

Water Monitoring:

The City required water monitoring on this golf course for ten years. But that monitoring was never completed. The City must provide an up to date water monitoring report to ensure that water levels in this area have not dropped and that local ground water has not been polluted from pesticides and fertilizers used on the golf course.


The City must abide by the zoning and community standards that are in effect for this area and other places in our valley. Community standards are developed by neighborhoods and voted into effect by residents in that community. The City cannot arbitrarily ignore them.

Fire Risk:

This project is in a Very High Fire Hazard Zone. Adding such a large facility and additional employees would make evacuation difficult if not impossible for the existing community and possibly put new visitors in danger. We must stop building in these high fire hazard zones in the face of increased mega wildfires such as that recently faced in Sand Canyon.

A local resident evacuates during a wildfire in Stevenson Ranch. Photo credit Robert Gauthier, LA Times

Illegal Grading

The owner/developer has already done illegal grading on his property and filled ponds used by wildlife and fire personnel without getting permits. We cannot support a developer who has already moved forward in violation of his exiting permits and without obtaining necessary work permits.

Illegal grading at the Sand Canyon Resort Development